12 February 2012

Dear blog.

Berry Nice Strawberries is a
 business mock-up created to support
a student case study. 
Poor neglected blog. I'm sorry I haven't seen you in a few weeks. I have been busy you see. Ok, let's be honest - I've been seeing other content creation stations. Don't be jealous.

Actually, I'll just come clean. It's Facebook. I have created a whole fake business on Facebook to support the semester long case study I will run in class. You should have a look at it. https://www.facebook.com/BerryNiceStrawberries

I've made a logo and everything. Even promotional videos and scheduled 4 months of status updates in Hootsuite.  The whole thing was designed to create a sense of realism. Students should go and fix a client's problems. In this sense, students might actually feel like they are seeing a real client. I truly hope so. It will certainly be a very interesting project as it progresses forward.

I still think about you blog. I haven't gone. I'm just seeing where the limits of my e Learning adventure can go.  

-Tetracarbon out.