16 September 2012

Course evaluation forms should evaluate teacher and the student

The problem with feedback sheets

Updated post!

Course evaluation forms usually only ever ask about the teacher.  Of course, the teacher has the chance to evaluate the student during the examination process.  However, a more meaningful and more student-centred approach, would not be to focus on the teacher, but focus on the student is how they have interacted with the teacher as an individual, and how the student interacted with the course material.

The biggest factor when determining how students feel about teachers and the course overall, will often be  how much effort they have put into their course. How you asked the question, will determine whose responsibility is it to partake in this process of education.  Is it the teacher's job to teach?  Or is that students job to learn?

As the mantra goes: “The more you put in – the more you get out.” This is difficult to convince students on this, as it involves effort.  

Instead of pretending that this is a process of one-way transmission, the course evaluation forms should reflect the reality that the course experience is affected by both teacher and student simultaneously. 

This simple image (below) should visually explain what I am trying to do here.

I have now shared a proforma on Google Drive. You can simply take this and amend it to your own needs.
View only version 
Amendable version

Please make a comment and let me know what you think.  Is there something I have missed? Am I introducing a bias or asking an inappropriate question some how? What would make this better?

-Tetracarbon out