23 February 2013

Why not Wikipedia?

Undergrads: Why can't I cite Wikipedia in my report?

I have created a new video aimed at convincing undergrads why they should not cite Wikipedia or other poor quality sources in their work. It is supposed to be quick, funny and engaging. 

Comments welcome. 

11 February 2013

What I got up to in January 2013

Why publish this list?
Do you ever find it hard to keep track of what you were doing? I had a look at a colleague's blog, and she has a very simple list called "What am I working on?" Genius. 

This helps keep your CV up-to-date, and it gives people a quick overview of what you are up to. It is easy to write about what you are doing now, but much harder when you are trying to update your CV some time later. 

It also forces you to update your blog once a month. Maintaining a web presence that's updated as regularly as a news website is hard, HARD work. But a musing or two a month won't kill you, and it drives repeat visits. 

In the spirit of the web I'm going to steal her ideas  follow her good example. 

So, What I got up to in January 2013:
Every month I will now post an update of what got up to in this last month. 
  • Started writing my own gamified MOOC on Corporate Governance - www.thecorpgame.com.au. Status: WORK IN PROGRESS. This month involved: 
    • Buying domains and webspace
    • Installing my own Moodle sever from scratch (1st time for me)
    • Writing the curriculum guidelines
    • Writing the courseware (I don't teach Corp Gov at work)
    • Building courseware interface in Moodle
  • Teaching - innovation
    • Recorded an very engaging lecture on Accounting Theory, week 1. (See 1st video below)
    • I wrote a new Tax Law assignment that is presented in YouTube (See 2nd video)
      •  No paper assignment will be given to students. 
      • Gamified Moodle so that students answer a quiz before they get the video script. 
    • I wrote a new in-class game to illustrate agency theory
    • Recorded more video lectures for Tax Law - week 1
    • Arranged for excursion to a strawberry farm - This is the first time we have a joint event with both diploma and degree students. 
  • Research 
    • Completed the research proposal for: "Pedagogical Efficacy of Collaborative E-Assessments for Confucius Heritage Culture Learners"
    • Applied for internal ethics review for this project
    • Applied for research funding with the VET Development Centre
    • Applied for research funding with the NCVER
  • Teaching - General
    • Wrote a new assignments and detailed rubric for Accounting Theory
    • Wrote new assignment for AIS. 
  • Other