30 January 2011

Apple Obtains Patent For Solar-Powered Devices

Apple Obtains Patent For Solar-Powered Devices

This is something that should be out of the question.  Solar powered hand held devices are not new, and the technology seems so obvious that is hard to see how this doesn't constitute a prior art breach.

 It seems now that all your base load power now belong to Jobs. You know, for someone that doesn't really love Apple, I sure do seem to blog alot about them.

28 January 2011

Blackberry's long slide and wasted opportunities.

BlackBerry are running out of time: What can they do?

Obamba's ride to power promised change for America.  It was also the high point for the Canadian firm Research In Motion (AKA "RIM") as Obama was well known for his love of his Blackberry. The secret service tried hard to take it from him, but Obama fought hard to keep it.  He eventually won, but modifications had to be made. This generated a lot of publicity for the already dominant company and made the "dad's old business tool" something cool to have, even cooler than iPhones.

I never understand fashion very well.

For those who know me personally, you will have heard me bitching about the iPhone 4 I got recently, replacing the Blackberry Bold 9000.  The Bold was an older, slower device but has so many interface issues that are just obviously right. For one, it has a full tactile QWERTY keyboard.  Buttons are something that Steve Jobs notoriously hates.  So sure, they got the touch screen right, but it's still not and never will be a full keyboard. Menes - clear "right click" or "drop down" style menus.  No no, Apple doesn't like that idea. Gah - its what you think I should want, and not what I tell you what I actually want.

I recently lamented on Facebook that:
Moving from blackberry to iPhone is like dumping a great girlfriend for a hot fling. Sexy but useless. Jealous and controlling. Not helpful and does everything the way they want to do it no matter how backwards and idiotic that might be. 

It is such a shame to see a good company loose its way.  It gave in to some pretty totalitarian governments and let them search their databases. It's getting thumped by Apple, which is in so many ways an inferior product. The truth is that companies can rise and fall quickly. MS goes from dominant to Office only.  Palm the market maker to spare parts rubbish heap out the back of HP offices. I'd like the Blackberry NOT to slide into this category, although i'm sure there are already 75% on their way there.

There is a lot I didn't like about the Blackberry, but there is a lot more to hate about the iPhone as a user.  Reception being one of these things.

Movies on accounting and business - Part 1 (4 movies only)

It's sort of hard to believe but the number one reason people search my blog is for "ACCOUNTING MOVIES".  It just goes to show the world is full of nerds like myself.  So here goes the first three



Entrepreneurialism: Tells the story of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.  

Why it makes the list?

Great film, and accurate enough that you actually get a bit of important American computer history in there. You (of course) must remember that it is a DEPICTION of reality and not reality reality

Good or bad?


Self-Control In Kids Predicts Future Success

Not quite as new as the  new one, but interesting all the same.

"A new study suggests that a child's future success depends on the amount of self-control they exhibit. From the article: 'The international team of researchers looked at 1,037 children in New Zealand born in the early 1970s, observing their levels of self-control at ages 3 and 5. At ages 5, 7, 9 and 11, the team used parent, teacher and the children's own feedback to measure such factors as impulsive aggression, hyperactivity, lack of persistence and inattention.